Growth Strategy

James Lambert
Animalcare has a clear strategy for growth by developing enhanced veterinary generic pharmaceuticals which will accelerate its progress over the next three to five years


In recent years UK veterinary practices have consolidated; be it by corporate acquisition or joint-venture partnership, joining buying groups and growth of the charitable sector.

The veterinary pharmaceutical sector has seen increased competition through numbers of suppliers and generic products.

Conversely, in part through M & A activity, there are now fewer high quality routes to market for those pharmaceutical licence holders without domestic sales channels.

We have developed our internal capability, expertise and cash position to take advantage of these market conditions and opportunities to focus our strategy in the following areas.

Our strategy for 2015 to 2018 is to:

  1. Identify product candidates to maintain flow into and through the development pipeline
  2. Increase efforts to licence in new pharmaceutical products
  3. Asses opportunities to innovate and strengthen Companion Animal Identification group
  4. Increase the sales of our current products outside the UK